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Our end-to-end comprehensive medical billing services that maximize reimbursement and minimize costs will optimize your practice’s financial health.

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Welcome to Master Charge LLC Solution

The premier provider of revenue cycle management, medical billing, and credentialing solutions to help healthcare professionals improve patient care, streamline their workflow, and succeed. Our goal is to give our clients the best service and support possible, and we take great pride in being one of the most well-known brands in the business.

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We provide complete RCM, medical billing, coding, A/R recovery services, as well as customized credentialing and Our virtual assistant services can also help with administrative work and patient experience solutions. Trust us to streamline your healthcare finance processes.

Medical Billing Services

With a team of skilled and knowledgeable staff, we are equipped to manage all aspects of medical billing operations, revenue cycle management, proactive follow-up, rejection management, and reporting.

Medical Coding Service

For any medical facility in need of ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding solutions, our expert team of medical coders is readily available. Our services not only include assistance with code renewal but also education concerning modifier usage.

AR Recovery Services

Our team of aging A/R specialists is relentless in pursuing every old claim until it's resolved. Your in-house billing team may struggle to keep up with the complexities of aging A/R, but we can help! Trust us to recover your aging A/R efficiently.

Credentialing Services

Let us help boost your revenue and streamline payer enrollment with our responsible credentialing team. We specialize in working with physicians, hospitals, home healthcare providers, laboratories, and DME suppliers.

Patient Experience Services

Our patient experience services aim to help you manage your cash flow through accurate information gathering at the point of service. You won't have to worry about handling all patient calls or scheduling as we will take care of that for you.

Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistance services can assist you with front office responsibility as well as administrative tasks assigned to the practice and work according to practice guidelines for 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.


Healthcare Providers

With Medflow Solutions, healthcare professionals can focus on their patients without worrying about managing their finances. As a leading medical billing company with powerful technology, we ensure each client receives optimal financial results. Discover how our expertise can benefit your practice today.

Private Practices

At Master Charge LLC, we recognize that private practice doctors are constantly seeking ways to reduce their costs and maximize their insurance payments. Because an in-house billing system would be prohibitively expensive, we provide full medical billing and credentialing services to assist our clients in increasing income and streamlining operations. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is committed to increasing payments and decreasing claim denials, which can have a major influence on a practice’s bottom line. We aspire to make a difference in practice income by leveraging technology and utilizing our industry knowledge to provide accurate, efficient, and fast billing and credentialing services. Private practice doctors can focus on providing great treatment to their patients while we handle the administrative and financial parts of their practice.

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